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When deciding which type of freight is right for you, there are a number of factors to consider, most notably price, delivery time and capacity. When it comes to lowering costs Sea or Ocean freight is a much more cost effective way to ship your goods, however is it suitable for the kind of goods you are looking to deliver and will they be delivered on time? In this article we look at all aspects of using Sea Freight so you can decide whether it is suitable for your business. 

What is Sea Freight? 

Sea freight is a method of shipping which allows for large amounts of goods to be moved using carrier vessels. Goods will be transported in large shipping containers and loaded onto the ship. According to Supply Chain Digital the average cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers, making it the perfect method for shipping large quantities of goods in one go, internationally.

Types of Sea Freight

When it comes to shipping via water, there are a number of terminologies which refer to the various ways the goods can be loaded and shipped, these are as follows:

Less the Container Load (LCL) – In this instance you would share a container with other shipments as your goods are not enough to fill a full shipping container. 

Full Container Load (FCL) – This is where you would purchase a full container as you are shipping enough goods to fill a full container. 

How does it work?

In most cases, businesses will use Third Party Logistics (3PL) in order to ship their goods. THe benefits of doing this are that these companies are experts in their field, and know the ins and outs of shipping and will have good relationships with the shipping companies so there is no need for you to deal with that side of things.

Once the above process is decided the shipping company will then collect the goods and move them through customs, a factor which needs considering in terms of delivery times and the delays this can incur. 

Pros and Cons 


  • One of the most cost effective means of shipping goods
  • Transport large items or large quantities of goods easily
  • Inexpensive to transport internationally over long distances in comparison to Air Freight
  • More sustainable and carbon efficient


  • It is the slowest means of shipping, and not useful for time sensitive deliveries
  • Not cost effective for shipping small amounts of goods

With many companies looking to cut costs whilst hitting all important carbon emissions targets, Sea Freight makes for a very desirable form of transporting goods. This is especially true if goods are to be transported over a long distance. 

Here at Regional Express, we work in partnership with some of the world’s leading carriers in order to secure capacity on the busiest routes and therefore offer flexible transit times and attractive pricing. 

Our services include regular sailings and choices of equipment, each consignment is looked after by our professional team who have expert knowledge and experience with Sea Freight. We will manage the entire process from collection to destination. Other specific services can be found here.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert team about any aspect of Sea Freight then please contact us on: or give out customer service team a call on: +44 (0)1794 516515

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