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Returning goods is easy with Regional Express

When you are thousands of miles away, it is difficult to arrange for your returns to be sent back to you in the U.S.  Maybe you have another buyer in Europe and you want all/part of your returns to be sent to a third party elsewhere?  It is also possible that your shipment has been refused by Amazon due to the products not being clearly labelled, the products not selling or the goods or display boxes being damaged.

We can rectify these problems for you.

Regional Express will be happy to assist you, using our comprehensive and dependable Returns Service.  All you have to do is simply request Amazon to send your return products to Regional Express at the following UK location:

C/O Regional Express Ltd
42A Oriana Way,
Nursling Industrial Estate
SO16 0YU

Additional services available

Once we have received your returns, we will provide you with a list of the items that have been sent to us by Amazon, including the goods, packed weight & dimensions, along with the cheapest price possible to return the items back to you.  We have a special discounted rate card just for Amazon sellers and can return your products by courier or sea freight.  You may want to send all or just part of your returns to a third party in Europe - we can quote for this service too.

Contact our team on +44 1794 516515 or email - Please quote ref: RETURNS


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