Amazon UK & VAT registered in no time


Exporting to the United Kingdom and Europe and trying to understand their tax laws can feel quite confusing if you have never done it before, but we are here to get you through this simple process, step by step, to ensure your product ends up on the Amazon UK and / or on other European countries quickly and without any problems.


Step 1

UK & European VAT Registration

You will require a VAT/ EORI number to import into the UK and Europe, which we can apply for on your behalf with HMRC and other EU tax authorities.

The process takes less than 7 days to register for UK VAT and between 7 and 21 days to register for European VAT from the time you register online with us. We can arrange for your products to be shipped during this time so you can start selling on Amazon UK / Europe as soon as possible.

Click on the button to apply using one single application. During the application process you can choose which countries you want to register for VAT

Step 2

After you have registered with us, we will contact you to start organising your first shipment.

In the meantime, you may find the following links of help:

Step 3

Remember as soon as you have registered, you can send a shipment IMMEDIATELY whilst we wait for customs to issue your VAT number so you can start selling your product on the Amazon UK Europe and without any further delay.

What happens next?

    1. Get in touch to book your shipment.
    2. Once you have completed your registration form, we just need you to print the HMRC form, sign and date it only. We will complete the rest.
    3. Scan and email the form it to
    4. Then continue to PayPal to make your payment. Your registration form will NOT submit until you have made payment.

To continue, please click on the REGISTER NOW button below and read the questions carefully.

All information provided will be kept confidential under the data protection act.

If you need further assistance please call us on +44 1794 516515 or U.S. Free Toll 001 713 955 7113 or email us

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