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To help you understand the UK's legal VAT and Shipping requirements

Helpful Links

Trade Tariff

Use this tool to search for import and export commodity codes and for tax, duty and licences that apply to your goods. 
Find out more here:

Importing to the UK

The HMRC have some excellent information about importing.
Find out more here:

All About VAT

The website has lots of great information about Value Added Tax.
Find out more here:

Finding commodity codes for import and export duty

Search the online Trade Tariff tool for commodity codes. These codes classify goods for import and export so that you pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations.
Find out more here:

Regional Express Tax Consultants

Regional Express Tax Consultants has been formed to assist you with all your U.K. & European tax requirements and advice.

Currency & Weight Converter

Currency Converter

Type a value in the Amount field and select the from/to currency to convert the value:

Weight Converter

Type a value in the Kilograms, Stones or Pounds field to convert the value: