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There are several different ways to move goods, which one you choose will depend largely on budget, the volume of goods and the distance those goods need to travel. Road Freight is the transportation of goods, most likely through the use of trucks, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and vans via road networks. It is for this reason that road freight is also largely used for what is referred to as the ‘last mile’ delivery whereby goods are transported from a distribution hub to their final destination. Road freight is obviously useful on a national scale, as it allows for delivery to more remote and rural areas. 

Although there are disadvantages to moving goods via road, such as weather conditions, traffic, road traffic incidents etc, there are many positives:

  • Industries that rely heavily on road freight include food, beverage and tobacco, machinery and equipment, agricultural products, chemical products and groupage (the grouping together of goods which have been dispatched by several different companies on the same load.)
  • In 2019 2.53 million people were employed by the haulage and logistics industry.
  • Relatively low cost in comparison to other forms of transportation.
  • Extensive road networks  both nationally and internationally to reach far out destinations otherwise impassable by other forms of transport. 
  • Delivery tracking is becoming more accessible with end to end traceability for both the sender and recipient. 

Road freight does pose some environmental issues, being that it makes a large contribution to emissions. According to the HGV alliance UK 23% of all COemissions come from trucks with a global COcontribution of 13%. However, as part of ongoing government plans in the UK to lower emissions, more is being invested into the creation of electric and low fuel options for road freight. 

Road Freight with Regional Express

With our extensive European network we are able to offer a complete door – to – door service within the European Union boundaries. We can also arrange customs clearance through the border of European countries which are not yet part of the EU. 

In terms of load we can offer everything from groupage consignments (as mentioned above) to full loads, and can cover Western and Eastern Europe anything from daily deliveries to twice weekly. 

You will find a full list of our services within road freight on our website here but some of our popular services include next day deliveries, national same day collections for urgent deliveries and European road import and export. 

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your delivery requirements, then please do get in touch with us via email on

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