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Amazon Buffer Service

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For Amazon sellers looking for efficiencies and cost savings in the fulfilment process, Regional Express can help.  Currently, new Amazon sellers are only offered limited space in the Amazon UK warehouse until they have a track record of selling. As a division of Xpediator PLC, Regional Express has an attractive solution for Amazon sellers who wish to make the process cheaper, faster and more controlled when selling products on European Amazon sites.

COST SAVINGS - Freight forwarding works out cheaper per item the more you send, therefore the more palletts you send the cheaper it becomes per unit / SKU.

EXCESS PALLET STORAGE - If Amazon only lets the seller book 1 – 5 pallets, our buffer service will allow the seller to store any excess pallets with us while their stock sells on Amazon and we can deliver replacement stock within 48 hours.

This service offers Amazon sellers total fulfilment control.

Other advantages of using this service include the following:

REPLACEMENT STOCK DELIVERY WITHIN 48 HOURS - If your sales on are successful and sell quickly replacing the stock from the USA (24 days transit) or China (40 days transit) can take time and lose you sales for between 1 – 2 months while you wait for new stock to arrive in the UK.

By using our buffer service we can deliver your replacement stock to Amazon within 48 hours.  Any replacement stock from USA or China can be sent to our facility for future use. This means you are constantly selling stock every week, all year round in a seamless operation.

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