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Marine Freight

Marine Freight - by Regional Express

The Marine Division of Regional Express is very experienced in handling consignments specially tailored for the marine Industry. Whether imported by road from Europe or exported by air globally, the marine division will take care of your cargo on a personal level, ensuring you are kept informed all the way up to the delivery point of your customer.

With many years' experience in shipping for the Marine Sector, Regional Express has been able to specialise and tailor their shipping knowledge to the particular requirements of the Marine Industry.

Regional Express will follow the obligations imposed by any new Brexit requirements and adapt with the various Customs decisions as they arise.

Clients unnecessarily end up paying duties and taxes to HMRC through agent mishandling or lack of experience in international shipping. 

Delivering to yachts is often fraught with difficulties and confusion.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to access and recommend the placing of your shipment with the right contractor at the right price. We will manage the process and ensure any shipment is moved correctly and efficiently.

Our Services Include:

There are many hazardous materials that are used when restoring and supplying marine craft from paint to resin, batteries, etc.  At Regional Express we are fully qualified to pack your cargo to meet IATA regulations and ensure your cargo is exported correctly and safely to reach your client at the agreed time.

Regional Express has an in-house expert in this area, Charlie Milligan, has spent many years in Customs administrative and advisory roles for businesses of all types and freight forwarders alike. Charlie’s background has provided huge cost savings to pharmaceutical, marine and other industry businesses by correct application of the various concessions and processes legally available.

Additional Specialist Services Include:

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