What is Amazon SPN?

What is Amazon SPN?

Selling your products on an ecommerce platform can seem daunting, especially if you are looking to grow beyond the UK market and expand internationally. This is where the Amazon Service Provider Network, or Amazon SPN, can be incredibly useful; offering support and reassurance at the same time. 

What is the Amazon Service Provider Network?

Amazon has identified a number of trusted third-party service providers, who are able to assist sellers in having a simpler experience when setting themselves up on Amazon. This network has been established to help with every step of selling internationally and the providers are carefully checked and continually monitored by Amazon.

What services are available?

Services offered by Amazon SPN include anything from product images to accounting, shipping and search engine optimization. Some providers you will find on Amazon SPN are as follows:


Before you list products for sale it is important to ensure that they are compliant with the rules and regulations of the intended marketplace or destination country. Compliance and tax can be a complex area to navigate and so providers can offer certifications, inspections and quality assurance. 


 Tax service providers will assist you in registering your company with the relevant tax authority as well as helping you to file your taxes based on income earned from Amazon. 


As your business grows and you look to sell on Amazon, you will need to find somewhere to store your stock to then deliver them on to your customers. This is something that sellers can handle themselves which is referred to as Merchant Fulfilled Network, or the seller can outsource this to Amazon which is referred to as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Account Management

Amazon SPN can also provide you with many tools and support to grow your business.The third – party service providers can offer account management and help you to optimise your sales listings, helping you to reach your goals and grow your ecommerce business. Providers also offer advertising and SEO services to help potential customers to find you and increase your product visibility. 

Companies can benefit from using the Amazon SPN by having expert knowledge and experience behind them when moving into unchartered territory for their ecommerce business. If you want help or advice on navigating the Service Provider Network or selling on Amazon in general then Regional Express can help. 

Regional Express is an Approved Solution Provider for Amazon Global Selling and can handle everything from customs clearance, returns, fulfilment, warehousing along with competitive air and sea rates to and from the U.S, Canada, China and Europe. We offer a competitive door-to-door service to all Amazon UK warehouses from your location in the UK or from abroad and we can also provide speedy and cost effective delivery to all European countries from the UK. 

Find out more about our Amazon SPN services here: https://www.regionalexpress.co.uk/services-for-amazon-sellers/amazon-uk-sellers/ or contact us on: fba@regionalexpress.co.uk

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