The Benefits of our eCommerce Fulfilment Solution

Sometimes as a business grows the demand does too and therefore so must the knowledge of the business owner to cover lesser known areas such as import and export regulations, quality control and marketing. This is why many business owners hand over these obligations to a third party, meaning they can concentrate on their staff, new products or any area (s) of the business they feel their expertise is best applied to. 

Here at Regional Express we offer a complete E-commerce fulfilment solution, here we breakdown some of the key services on offer and how this can bring a benefit to you and your business. 

  1. Quality Control
    We will ensure and maintain the quality of products which we are responsible for, through limited touch points and adhering to specifications. 
  1. Optimised Picking and Packing
    We are highly experienced in the efficient movement of goods and this includes the picking and packing process. Our warehouse space is optimised to ensure stock is maintained at correct levels and positioned so that the picking process is fast and efficient.
  1. Inventory Management
    We can offer a fully integrated IT system which will help us to keep data on top selling products and general stock levels. This information will help to optimise stock levels throughout the year and increase or decrease depending on trends and seasonality.
  1. KPI Reporting
    As mentioned above, the data we retrieve from our IT system will supply us with valuable data on key performance indicators, top performing products, less popular products and trends throughout the year in order to plan efficiently for upcoming peak sale periods such as January sales, Black Friday and Christmas. 
  1. Freight Management
    We offer Air, Sea and Road Freight services here at Regional Express which offers our customers flexibility on timings and price options. When you use our freight services we provide online services which will help you to track, book and make a quote request. It is designed to make the process as simple as possible and even offers the option to post and receive documents digitally in a seamless two-way communication. 

Here at Regional Express we have over 75 years’ experience in freight logistics, as well as an extensive network of international contacts to help offer our clients the best service at the best price.

To find out more details about our e-commerce fulfilment services you can contact us on or head to our dedicated website page here:

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