The Future of Order Fulfilment

If the past year has taught us anything when it comes to shopping, it is that the world of ecommerce shows no signs of slowing. There are those who may have been tentative about shopping online, however a worldwide pandemic and the need for convenient delivery direct to home, has forced the hand of many – propelling online shopping to another level.

With this ever increasing demand comes the need for more understanding from business owners in order to serve their customers appropriately and effectively. Predicting demand is critical in order to sustain this growth, and the future of fulfilment looks firmly set in automation and streamlining the ordering process to move with the times. 

We live in a world whereby instant gratification is a daily expectation, customer’s expectations are for faster delivery times. The future of order fulfilment relies on putting the customer at the center of planning in order to succeed. 

The modern buyer favours companies who offer things such as door to door tracking via apps or websites which offer up to the minute updates on the whereabouts of their order. These buyers also see delivery as an extension of the company they purchase from whether or not it is delivered by a third party, so the decision on who delivers your product is a very big and important one. 

Here are the key components which will contribute to the successful future of order fulfilment:


The use of automated processes is growing more and more, with retailers and businesses looking to fully automate their fulfilment processes and warehouses in order to keep up with customer needs and demands. 


With rapid growth comes the need for more capacity and storage and so it is expected that retailers will need to expand their warehousing spaces in order to meet demand and allow for improved picking and packing processes which increase efficiency whilst keeping costs down.


Though automation is on the rise, the growth of the industry will still see the need for increased labour to oversee processes and ensure optimal productivity. 

Supply Chain Management

As we all find the way we work moving over to a digitalised future, the key focus in e commerce is an increased need for accuracy when it comes to inventory. Real time updates will help to keep ahead of demand and track the speed of stock turnover and any necessary changes that need to be made in order to sustain growth.

There is no doubt that the supply chain needs frequent review in order to keep up with the pace in which the modern buyer changes the way they shop. Shopping online is now a very fluid process whereby consumers can purchase via apps on their smartphones, computers and also in store and the order fulfilment options should reflect this. 

With demand for faster, flexible delivery the fulfilment process must be seamless and see retailer, warehouse and delivery work collaboratively and cohesively in order to stay ahead of demand, whilst offering a scalable business within the rapidly changing landscape of online shopping. 

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