5 Reasons Why Selling on Amazon could propel your business

Most of us know the zero to hero story of Amazon, a business which started from nothing and grew into the trillion dollar company it is now. It is for this reason that Amazon is the most desirable place to sell, with a huge customer base which is larger than many other leading ecommerce platforms.  

So what are the key drivers for selling on Amazon?

Extensive Customer Base

The number of customers available to you on Amazon is almost triple that of other leading ecommerce sites. Amazon customers also spend a lot of money, and the amount they spend is only increasing. 

Established Ecommerce Site 

One of the key reasons for small businesses to sell on Amazon is the fact that it offers the potential to reach an enormous customer base, make more money but with minimal work or input. It eradicates the need for your own website as everything is provided to help you set up your own shop on the site already. 


Amazon has a greater reputation than many other ecommerce sites, it denotes a certain level of quality and customer service which is not necessarily regarded among other well known sites. It is therefore attractive for shops to sell on the platform as they immediately gain the positive connotations provoked when customers view Amazon. 

Amazon Prime

Services like Amazon Prime can only help to increase revenue and expand your customer reach. Prime works by encouraging customers to spend more through incentives such as next day delivery, and Prime Day flash sales. 

Customer Experience

Amazon has gained such popularity because they offer such a desirable shopping experience, with fast shipping, simple refunds and returns. In general Amazon customers are happy customers and return customers. This is reassuring for you and your business as you can be reassured that as a third party seller your customers will receive great customer service.

Less Work More Time

A really big positive to sell on Amazon is the fact that it requires no website set up from you, there are also no listing fees and you won’t receive a charge until you have sold an item. Amazon does take a percentage of your sales however the whole process of selling on their site should mean a lot less work for you. This is especially true if you choose the Fulfilment by Amazon service which will cover the packing and shipping aspects of your sales too. With all this in hand you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Here at Regional Express we can help with all aspects of selling on Amazon, including returns, UK and European VAT applications, warehousing, prep, and competitive air and sea rates to and from the UK. To find out more on how we can help your business grow on Amazon click here.

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