HTS Codes

An important part of importing to the UK

The HTS (Harmonised Tariff Schedule of the United States) is the primary classification of goods used for declaring exports from the U.S. (as well as imports). Having the HTS number for the goods you’re looking to sell in the U.K. it establishes your rate of duty.

It is important that you know your HTS codes no matter what part of the world you are exporting or importing from. The HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code) is a code used by customs throughout the world to identify a product so they can decide the duty rate when entering the country. The first 4 numbers are universal and used in every country and this is the number we need to understand the product and declare this to customs. The last 4 numbers may change from country to country.

To help you find your HTS go you can go to the USA link on or you can visit the UK HMRC website – this site will help you find your duty rate into the UK.

We will help you and guide you as much as we can, but the responsibility is yours to find the correct HTS code for your product.

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