Regional Express Ltd is committed to supporting our global client base selling in the UK,Europe and worldwide.

With the uncertainty still surrounding Brexit the UK government has advised businesses to prepare for a
number of potential outcomes for the UK’s scheduled departure from the European Union on 29th March
2019. This includes an outcome where no deal has been reached with the European Union.

Whilst the UK government advises that this outcome is unlikely, a Brexit with no deal could result in a
temporary period of border disruption which may impact the movement of goods between the UK and
the rest of the European Union.

The UK government has provided a guide for businesses and a partnership pack that outlines how to
prepare for a no deal Brexit. We are aware that sellers utilising the Amazon EFN service may be concerned
that in the event of a no deal Brexit it may delay or even temporarily stop cross-border fulfilment services
between the UK and the rest of the EU.

With this in mind Regional Express Ltd has already taken steps to ensure we are ready for
a no deal Brexit by opening a Germany operation in October 2018. These office and warehouse
facilities in Frankfurt and Hamburg allow us to mirror our UK shipping, clearance and
warehousing services in Germany by offering our customers a direct route into Germany and
subsequently the rest of Europe from the US, China and beyond.

We will continue to monitor Brexit guidance provided by the UK government over the coming weeks and
will continue to update all our clients when additional information becomes available. In the meantime if
you would like to discuss our Germany services or any questions & concerns you may have with one of
our team please do hesitate to contact us at: or call us on +44 (0) 1794 516 515 / + 1 713 955 7113

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