The Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Over the past 25 years, since its inception, Amazon has become the top ranking site in the world for ecommerce. Started by Jeff Bezos from his garage, primarily selling books, it has evolved to offer every kind of product you could possibly imagine; meaning the words ‘online shopping’ have become synonymous with the brand.

Top Amazon Stats:

  • Amazon operates in 14 different countries worldwide.
  • Over 197 Million people visit monthly.
  • There are a total of 300 million active users on alone.
  • In 2017 300,000 3rd party sellers began operating on
  • As of 2019 Amazon has 2.5 million active sellers selling their products on Marketplace.

So, as a seller how can Amazon offer more exposure for you to grow your business? In the world of ecommerce, the way that customers shop is constantly evolving and changing, so let’s look at some key insights which will benefit you as a seller. 

Price Checking:

9 out of 10 people price check items on Amazon before committing to purchase – therefore the marketplace offers a great platform to be competitive on price. 

Why do people turn to Amazon for price comparison? Amazon is known for its fast shipping, competitive pricing and customer service so consumers feel they can buy securely and with confidence.

Market Share:

Amazon’s market share of the US ecommerce market alone is 45% that’s a large chunk of the US market available to you and your business, let alone the other 13 countries they are operating in.

There are approximately 350 million items available on Amazon, including Marketplace sellers which may seem like a great deal of competition but it is also an incredible opportunity to be more visible and increase the potential for sales.

Prime Members:

With over 100 million Prime members around the world you could be reaching a lot of customers, especially when you consider order fulfilment and making your items eligible for Prime delivery. In the US Prime members spend an average of $1000 per year – a great incentive to make your products available to those users.

Order Fulfilment:  

Regional Express is an approved Solution Provider for Amazon Global Selling and can help your growth on Amazon Marketplace by offering everything from customs clearance, returns, order fulfilment, warehousing and storage with competitive pricing to ship to and from the US, China and across Europe.

In order to sell successfully on Amazon you need to differentiate from the vast amount of competition, with the ability to also scale up by using fulfilment services. By outsourcing fulfilment you can make the most of peak sale times such as Black Friday, Christmas, or more importantly Prime Day, when Amazon sees a huge surge in Prime Membership sign ups. 

For committed and strategic sellers Amazon can provide a very lucrative platform to sell your products and drive your business forward.

Find out more about how Regional Express can help support you as an Amazon service provider (SPN) here

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