Shipping from the UK to Africa

Exporting your product internationally can be quite daunting and stressful, so it important when choosing the right kind of freight logistic provider you find a company that has proficient and sufficient knowledge about the destination you are exporting to. Do your homework and ensure that the freight forwarder has moved your kind of product to that country before. Every country in Africa has its own set of rules and regulations, customs authorities have different laws and it is critical that your logistic provider is familiar with these laws to prevent unnecessary delays on delivery.

It is important to ensure that your logistics provider has a representative or office in the destination country who knows the local territory. Some agents may not have this facility which will cause major problems if something goes wrong locally.

When Regional Express exports to Africa we select shipping lines and airlines that are reliable and cost effective. It is important we choose the correct port or airport that is nearest to the customer and that we are able to deliver the product to the customer after customs clearance. It is critical that your goods arrive in the same condition that they left your factory, so we at Regional Express use quality services throughout the entire journey and are specialist in freighting chilled, frozen and ambient foodstuffs.

Our expert team can offer you Air, Sea or Road transport to the region in Africa you need to deliver to and we will track your shipment every part of the way to keep you informed and advise you when the shipment has been delivered.

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