Predictions for Logistics in 2023

In 2022 we know that supply chain visibility became a high priority following the disruptions of recent years. More recently, in the UK, we have been experiencing Royal Mail strikes during the peak festive season. With order tracking failing to be updated among other issues, customers faced the reality of lost packages and delayed delivery of vital Christmas parcels. Customers became frustrated as they have come to rely on visibility and digital capabilities to trace delayed or lost orders. Visibility therefore remains at the forefront of supply chain management going into 2023.  

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track goods or products which are in transit, this gives a clear and up to minute view of order activity. This ability will continue to be a major priority in 2023 as companies look to improve upon existing customer experience. Data will play an important role here, helping businesses to be more efficient and effectively deliver the optimum user experience.

With focus on user experience, one particular aspect of this that will be of great importance in 2023 will be home delivery and sustainable options within this. For customers the clear focus is further improvement to home delivery performance with prompt delivery and cost options. For businesses the focus of this element will be on reducing costs for home delivery and returns options. Customers are growing more concerned about efficient home delivery options and are less forgiving of delays or cancellations. In 2023 will be poised to spend with companies whose home delivery is synonymous with the rest of the customer shopping experience.

Digitalisation will continue to assist in creating a more resilient supply chain with end to end visibility. Digital capabilities are allowing for more collaboration, communication and strategy than ever before. It is hoped that digital tools will help to get the supply chain up and running better than it has been, with the congestion and chaos we have experienced kept to a minimum.

With the above in mind perhaps the logistics industry can look at 2023 as a transitional and pivotal year for supply chains. With a manner of survival having taken priority over previous years, companies can now begin to put into place the strategies and promises made. There are still many issues brought on by the pandemic and Brexit delays, however it is hoped that despite these challenges the logistics industry will once again be able to prioritise the customer experience in a more sustainable and resilient way. 

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