Regional Express Appoint Nazakat Azram as Sales Manager

We joined Regional Express’ Sales Manager, Nazakat Azram for a quick Q&A.

What was your key motivating factor to join Regional Express (RX)? 

Mainly because of the vision of John Deans and Chris King for the business, and the opportunity to grow a new division in an already respected and successful Company.

What was it about the company you liked?

RX is an established, growing, customer-centric business with a truly global backing, and, most importantly the colleagues and team that I’m joining have an ethos and drive that matched mine.

How have you found your first few weeks?

Refreshing, challenging and exciting. I have adapted swiftly to the business as a whole and am particularly looking forward to our global network partners (GLA) conference in Dubai later in the month.

What do you make of the culture of the business?

Early days yet, but the transition has been made easy for me by the warm, welcome, open communication and clear strategy. Culture is about what we do that’s habitual, and so far, that’s all about making sure the service is high and the effort is 100%

What are your plans for your future career at RX? 

Help build and develop the freight division to rival our competitors, become an established member of the team, and exceed our targets.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? I am the Founder of a community football team for people who don’t have access to sports, 14 years and counting. I also voluntary manage my sons football team, he’s 10, both sons play, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS so supporting and coaching them training 4 times a week, DYI, Darts, reading to learn and self-improve. Arsenal fan.

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