Joint application solution for VAT registration for Amazon UK and Germany for U.S. Amazon Sellers

Regional Express now offers U.S Amazon sellers a simple joint application solution for VAT registration for Amazon UK and Germany

Regional Express, part of Xpediator PLC (AIM:XPD), is pleased to announce its new online service offering joint UK and Germany VAT registration and tax filing for Amazon Sellers, saving sellers’ time with being able to complete one online form for both countries.

Regional Express is a Service Provider (SPN) for Amazon Global Selling and provides VAT registration and tax filing services for Amazon sellers in the U.S. along with freight forwarding, warehousing & fulfilment, Amazon buffer storage and returns.

Once the UK VAT number is received, Regional Express can ship both the UK & DE stock to the UK and hold the DE inventory in the UK for quick onward movement to Germany.

Regional Express will be able to clear the shipment through UK customs using the seller’s UK VAT/EORI numbers. Regional Express can then deliver the UK shipment to Amazon as normal and then, as the UK VAT number is often received quicker than the German equivalent, hold the German stock in the Regional Express warehouse until the DE VAT number is received. Once the DE VAT number is received and the seller’s Amazon DE account live, Regional Express can label and send to Germany within 48 hours.

This means that sellers will be able to have their products on the Amazon shelves in the UK and Germany much quicker than normal.

Managing Director, Neil Curran, says “We are really pleased to be able to offer U.S. sellers this simple way to sell on both Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. It will be time saving and cost effective for sellers and we will help them through the entire process. As a business we are focused on continually innovating our service offering to meet evolving customer requirements, adding this new service demonstrates once again this commitment.

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Contact Regional Express at or on +1 713 955 7113.

Regional Express Ltd conduct all business under the current edition of the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association, copy available on application or download from the website

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