10 Questions to Ask Any Freight Forwarder

1. Is the freight forwarder experienced enough to handle your business?

At regional Express staff have at least 15 to 40 years’ experience each, they handle a variety of large contracts ranging from shipping food to Africa through to exporting construction materials to remote parts of the world. The company works in partnership with all leading shipping lines and Airlines.

2. Can the freight forwarder handle the product you want to ship or do they specialise in certain commodities?

Make sure the freight forwarder has some knowledge of your product.

The team at Regional Express is happy to answer any questions you may want to know to put your mind at rest. There are not many commodities we haven’t moved.

3. Does the freight forwarder have a good network of global agents at origin/destination ports?

This is important for many reasons ensuring that if there is a problem in the destination country it can be dealt with effectively. Regional Express is members of a worldwide Agency network and has access to offices in 153 countries.

You can read about shipping to Africa here, which will give you a bit more information about international freight forwarding.

4. Is the freight forwarding company financially strong?

You should always check the company’s financial standing. You don’t want to find out your cargo has not been released because your forwarder couldn’t pay the ocean carrier.

Regional Express is happy to provide references from its bank to put your mind at rest.

5. How is the communication level with the freight forwarder?

Are you receiving the personal attention and customer service you require from your Forwarder? Do you find that you never speak to the same person which results in poor continuity?

At Regional Express we dedicate an experienced account manager to you; they become an extension of your office and will understand how you work and what your weekly requirements are.

6. What is the freight forwarder’s document turnaround time? Are you getting the information you need on time?

Information and correct documentation is critical for our customers so they get paid quicker and THEIR customer is happy. We understand this and ensure all quotations are received quickly to win the contract. Shipping details are produced promptly ensuring our clients receive all the documentation as and when they need it.

7. Can they give you good references?

Ask for references, to see if their other customers are happy with them and what their customer satisfaction level is. Regional Express is happy for you to speak to a range of our clients to hear what they say about our service.

8. Does the freight forwarder have cargo insurance?

Check your forwarders liability insurance and ensure they are covered for every eventuality. Can they offer you full marine cover at competitive prices? What is their procedure for paying claims promptly?

Regional Express is fully insured and happy to speak to you in more detail about international freight cover.

9. Do they secure the best pricing with truck lines, air freight companies, and shipping lines?

We have a wealth of experience and global contacts with all major shipping lines and airlines to ensure we can offer you the most competitive prices available. We always strive to save you money.

10. Can your Freight Forwarder answer 1 – 9 to meet your requirements?

Regional Express can.

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