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Factory Re-location

Regional Express is specialist in moving and relocating industrial machinery, with a wide range of unique specialist lifting & transport equipment. Our reputation is impeccable and we offer references for anyone looking for added reassurance. We never compromise on safety or quality.  Our project team is allocated to you from start to finish ensuring the job is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Factory Relocation Experts - Regional Express

Our expertise and experience in relocating factories enjoys a recognised reputation. Our Project Managers have a wealth of experience in planning and executing complex relocations of entire factories, production lines and offices. We have managed short distance, local relocations and major international projects.

We appreciate the old adage of 'time is money' and so we work with your production teams to ensure our plans are sufficiently robust to minimise any down time and deliver a seamless migration to a new site. We can complement your existing teams or provide a full solution for your needs.

Our onsite packing and engineering teams will oversee the delivery, transport and installation of a range of industrial equipment & plant. The team has a wealth of experience delivering complex and challenging installation projects and can provide a range of skills.

Regional Express can remove old machinery and provide secure storage or transport to an alternative location. We can provide all the lifting equipment required to enable heavy and bulky machinery to be lifted from tight and small spaces. Our project team includes case and pallet makers, mechanical and electrical engineers, Health and Safety inspectors and logistics providers.

Our factory relocation services

Our factory relocation and machine relocation/removals services are fully Project and CDM Managed. This ensures that we work with you to consider at the outset the following issues:

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